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Meals on Mission: Super Snacks for Super Bowl

If you’re getting ready for game day to root for your favorite team, Chef Clements has a perfect snack.

He takes us through the process of making a Jalapeno Popper Boat.


Bratwurst Sausage


Cream Cheese

Colby Cheese

Chives (Optional)


On a cookie pan, take the Bratwurst Sausage and cut them down the middle to create the boat. Add in cream cheese to the well of the sausage that you cut. Top the cream cheese with slices of Jalapeno, then add the shredded cheese to the top of that.

To cook, pop that right into a 350° oven until the sausage it cooked all the way through and the cheese is nicely melted. Next you can sprinkle chives on top, and add to a plate to serve. You can also put them on some skewers.

If you would like to make them ahead of time, prepare the boats and place them in plastic wrap to keep them on hand before you’re ready to cook them.