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Dolly Parton Donates Shoes to East Jordan Shoe Club

The East Jordan Shoe Club got a special delivery from iconic American songwriter and county legend Dolly Parton.

They received a pair of her shoes that she wore when she recorded her latest album, which is set to come out this year.

The shoe club began in 2008 with a message to students: dream big, work hard and give back.


East Jordan Middle School teacher and founder of the shoe club, Matt Hamilton, says Dolly embodies everything the shoe club is about.

“She’s kind, she’s ambitious, she’s persevered, she’s got an amazing life story of growing up poor and overcoming that and making connections,” Hamilton says. “And her generosity is just phenomenal, so we reached out to her and after a little bit of time, we were able to get a pair of her shoes, a little red pair of shoes.”

If you want to know more about the East Jordan Shoe Club, check out their Facebook by clicking here.