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New Capital Improvement Plan Could Bring Changes to Open Space

Traverse City could see a lot of upgrades in the coming years as the City Planning Commission met tonight to unveil their new Capital Improvement Plan.

The Capital Improvement Plan lays out all the major infrastructure and asset projects that the city is proposing to work on over the next six years.

Every year, commissioners meet to discuss a new Capital Improvement Plan. City staff has been meeting over the last three months to create and coordinate the plan.


City Planning Director, Shawn Winter says the Capital Improvement Plan allows city departments to coordinate and plan projects ahead.

The new Plan begins this year and ends in 2029. It includes a number of proposals including water and infrastructure projects, as well as possible upgrades to the Open Space.

“We have a number of water and infrastructure projects that are tied to a five-year state revolving loan fund,” Winter explains. “We’re also looking at improving some of our public spaces for instance the Open Space.”

They’re proposing a Master Site Plan for the Open Space as well as a pedestrian plaza beginning in Hannah Park and connecting the Open Space to the west end of Traverse City. Winter says they don’t actually have a plan now but will be reaching out for public input before developing any plan.


“We have a study scheduled for next year to hear from the community, to hear how we can enhance it,” Winter shares.

He says their idea is to maintain the openness but ask community members what kind of low intensity amenities we can create or include within the Open Space to make it more welcoming to people.

With the Planning Commissions approval, the Capital Improvement Plan will now move to a study session Feb. 22. Commissioners will hold a public hearing March 7.

Click here to find out more information on the Capital Improvement Plan and to access their new interactive map.