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Traverse City Comedy Festival Continues Friday and Saturday

It’s a weekend full of laughter at the Traverse City Comedy Fest. Friday marks day two of the three-day long event – and it’s packed from morning ‘til night.

Friday events included free workshops and panel discussions with the comedians, talking about everything from the business of comedy to how to get started with standup and performing on stage. The comedy fest includes more than 80 different performers from all over the world.

“Every show is different. You know, they’re very specific. There is a clean comedy showcase, which I’m a part of tomorrow, and there’s a there’s dirty shows. There’s something for everybody. And I like the challenge of meeting a very specific audience expectation,” says Comedian Adrianne Chalepah who was part of a panel discussion Friday morning.


Chalepah says it was exciting to be invited to the festival. “I couldn’t say no because I love comedy. And also I needed to get away from my family!” She’s from Oklahoma and currently lives in New Mexico, so she’s not sure about venturing out into cold temperatures and below-zero wind chills this weekend, but she’s up for the challenge. “You go somewhere and you try to be relatable, but you’re kind of a fish out of water and everybody knows it. But that’s a good thing for comedy. But it’s such a mutually beneficial relationship. The audience members and the comedians, we both gain something.”

A mix of free and ticketed events also include comedy workshops, improv, and open mic nights at a variety of different spots across town.

You can catch full interviews with Chalepah and comedian Mike Stanley below.

Get a full list of events by clicking here.

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