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Inside The Kitchen at Moose & Stella’s Cafe in Kalkaska

“It’s a dog-themed café,” said Linda Gilson as she described one of her favorite restaurants, Moose & Stella’s Cafe in Kalkaska. “So they did a lot of dog-themed stuff.”

The restaurant opened about two years ago. It is named after the owner’s dogs

“Moose was a Brittany Spaniel, and Stella was a little fluff ball right there,” Linda described as she pointed to pictures on the wall.

You’ll find that theme laced throughout the menu. This one is called the “Big Dog.” Linda’s husband named it.

“It comes with sausage, bacon and ham,” chef and kitchen manager Angela Boyd said, calling it one of the most popular breakfasts. “Maybe if you’re a snowmobiler and you’re going to hit the trails, you know, fill up on this and you’re set for dinner.”

That is especially true if you order a side of pancakes.

“She’s good, nice lumps in there, that’s our buttermilk pancake batter,” said Angela.

Made fresh multiple times per day.

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“Now, our French toast batter, we like to use real vanilla and we also put some bourbon in it and give it a little extra little flavor,” she said.

Dunked, cooked, flipped, then filled with mascarpone cheese, cream cheese, powdered sugar and fresh raspberries.

“I like to say they think outside the box a little bit,” Linda said. “It’s different. It’s unique, trendy.”

“We do something different rather than your normal, you know, average pork sandwich,” Angela said. “Make it more exciting. I am hoping that first bite they get that nice kick from the rub on that pork tenderloin and then the bite from the jalapeños as well and the fontina cheese just mellows it out, and then you have the basil aioli at the end really good.”

With a separate menu for dogs, it’s the perfect place to pop in with your pooch.

“They sit out on the patio, people ordering a doggy burger or hot dog, and they sit out there and eat with their peoples and it’s pretty cool,” said Angela.

You can find Moose & Stella’s 203 S. Cedar Street in Kalkaska, or call them at 231-258-9778.

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