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Fundraising Efforts Underway for Cadillac Family after Fatal Crash

Fundraising efforts are underway for a family after two people died in a Wexford County.

The crash on Jan. 24 on M-115 near Mesick took the life of driver 31-year-old Jordan Griffin and his 13-year-old passenger Chase Lobeck. It’s now over a week later since the deadly car crash, and emotions are still raw for family friend, Kelsey Swiatkowski.

“They were two of the best people you could have in your life. Chase was he was all boy, 100% mischievous smile. He was just……There are no words,” said Swiatkowski


She said she still can’t believe it.

“I had somebody I haven’t talked to actually in years, sent me the news article and I called. Soon as I found out, I called,” said Swiatkowski

She said she felt compelled to start the fundraiser for Jordan’s fiancé Brittany.

“I know a little bit about them. So, I figured it was easier to just get it up and running and try to figure out what to say or who’s going to set it up. Or just get it up and running as fast as we could,” said Swiatkowski.


She said she’s been Brittany’s best friend for over a decade. She knew Jordan and Chase super well. Brittany and Jordan were together for years, but they’ve known each other even longer.

“Brittany was Chase’s mom and also Jordan’s wife. Legally, not married, but to him, they might as well. Jordan and Brittany were together for five, close to six years. But they’ve been friends for their whole life,” said Swiatkowski.

She’s also known Chase since he was born. She has fond memories of them both.

“They had a true love and passion for basketball. They lived and breathed basketball. Football’s close, but basketball is definitely their number one,” said Swiatkowski.


Michigan State Police said the two were on their way to play basketball at open gym in Mesick the night of the deadly accident.

Swiatkowski said it brings her comfort knowing they were on their way to do something they loved when it occurred.

“I believe they were listening to their favorite song and hyped up about the game,” said Swiatkowski.

To donate to the Go Fund Me, please click here.

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