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Traverse City Comedy Fest Starts Thursday Night

Get ready for some belly laughs as comedy in the dead of winter returns to Traverse City.

Thursday is the start of the Winter Comedy Fest, and the first of the live performances include a string of local comics performing at the Traverse City Comedy Club.

But the festival is a three-day event, with over 80 different comedians from all over the world. A mix of free and ticketed events will also fill the seats at the City Opera House, Hotel Indigo, and Encore 201.


Comedian Mike Geeter is a comedian and one of the organizers with SamRose Entertainment. “It’s just going to be an extraordinary event with multitude, a multitude of shows. Everything from clean comedy to improv shows to roast battles, different groups. We have big names coming in, like Tom Papa, Maria Bamford, ISMO, Dean Edwards, Jackie Kashian.”

Performers will appear and events will take place at multiple spots across town.

“Great venues at the Opera House, the Traverse City Comedy Club. Encore 201. And we’re going to end the night each night at the Workshop (Brewing Company). That’s where the comics are going to hang. So we do a little karaoke there, do some open mic there. So if you know anyone that knows that wants to get involved in comedy, tell them to come on out and jump on an open mic,” Greeter says.

Geeter says, “We’ve sold out several events and tickets are flying. So if people want to come out, they better get on it.”

For more information on the Comedy Fest, click here.