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The First Female Reservist To Graduate Army Ranger School Pens Book

Lieutenant Colonel Lisa Jaster has had a long and successful career within the Army Reserves. But Lisa is so much more than her military career.

Lisa is a mother, a wife, a bow specialist and is now the first female reservist to graduate from Army Ranger School one of the most difficult training regimens in the U.S. military. Although Lisa is appreciative of the support she is getting, her message is one of balance. It is important to celebrate firsts but it is equally or more important for the right person to fill the role.

To further explain her approach to being a leader and to share her experience in Army Ranger School, Lisa has penned “Delete The Adjective” which tells her story from her unique perspective. One of the biggest takeaways that she hopes readers will have is that no matter who you are or where you are in life, if you have the drive and the support, you can accomplish anything.

To purchase your copy visit the “Delete The Adjective” page on Amazon.