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Man Dies in Snowmobile Crash in Montmorency County

Jacob Chandonnet, 38, of Rockwood in Wayne County, was killed Wednesday after losing control of his snowmobile and hitting a tree after being ejected.

The crash happened around 12 p.m. along Snowmobile Trail LP 9, north of Atlanta. This is the 9th snowmobiling death in Michigan this winter.

Chandonnet was riding with his stepfather, Richard Tank, 58, also from Rockwood. Tank was operating a snowmobile behind Chandonnet and did not see the crash. When Tank reached the crash, he called 911 and started life-saving efforts.


Conservation officers responded to the crash and aided in trying to save Chandonnet’s life.

An ambulance could not reach the scene due to snow. Montmorency County Sheriff’s Office deputies and a local first responder helped conservation officers transport Chandonnet off the trail using a DNR patrol truck, while performing CPR and using an AED.

Chandonnet was transferred to the care of EMS personnel with the help of Tri-County EMS and Fire personnel.

Chandonnet was pronounced dead by medical examiners on the way to the hospital.


Speed is the primary cause of fatal and serious snowmobile injury accidents in Michigan. Last winter, there was a total of 13 snowmobiling fatalities in Michigan and 12 during the winter of 2020-2021.

Conservation officers urge snowmobilers to Ride Right, by riding on the right side of the trail, riding sober and at a safe speed appropriate for weather conditions and rider abilities.

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