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MoonBikes are a Step into the Future at Boyne Mountain Resort

Skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling are some popular winter activities, but what if we take all those activities up a level?

Well, you can when you ride a MoonBike.

MoonBikes are the world’s first 100% electric snow bike.


“They have a powder ski up front, and that’s where it’s a little bit different than a snowmobile. It’s an individual ski instead of a pair and then a smaller track on the back, just like a snowmobile,” explained Patrick Patoka, Director of Adventure at Boyne Mountain Resort.

MoonBikes started in France and slowly made their way to the U.S.

Now you can find them in Northern Michigan at Boyne Mountain Resort.

“Nobody’s really seen MoonBikes before, which has been a lot of fun for folks to see what they are and get a feel for them,” said Patoka.


Nate Jennings rode a MoonBike for the first time.

“I expected it to be pretty easy to use, and it was. I didn’t expect them to be as fast as they were, but it ended up being a fun surprise,” said Jennings.

Boyne Mountain is the first resort in North America to offer a MoonBike experience.

“We love being the first in the industry to introduce things such as the MoonBike but are also very interested in obviously protecting our playground. That’s what made this such a great fit for us,” explained Patoka. “Being that they’re battery-powered, they don’t take any gas. They don’t take any oil.”


After a few rounds in the open space, you can head out on a guided tour.

“We have to have some snow to ride the MoonBikes. Fortunately, we do not need as much snow as we would for a snowmobile. MoonBikes weigh less than 200 pounds.”

Boyne Mountain runs MoonBike tours daily.

One tour takes you through their golf courses and the other through the woods.