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Lake Ann Family Wins Precision Furnace Makeover

Precision Plumbing and Heating in Traverse City has been surprising one lucky winner with a furnace makeover for 16 years now.

The winner this year was Lori Running. Her family’s furnace quit working four years ago and they’ve been using electric heaters since to stay warm.

The Precision team came out to her house early Tuesday morning to surprise her with a brand new furnace and water heater!


She is so grateful for this business and for those who nominated her. She says even if she “wasn’t nominated, somebody was getting it. And what a blessing for anybody and especially for us.”

She tells us she has tried for years to get her furnace fixed but it never worked, “a company put in a new furnace, and it was 11 months into it right after they stuck it in and it broke down. They come in and did a little bit of work to it, got it running and it broke down again.”

She turned to electric heaters but it increased her electric bill by hundreds. She says her electric bills were $800 to $900 a month, causing her to “worry about that and keep it warm in here for the kids.”

Running lives with her three grand children, three dogs and fosters two pets. She is glad to no longer have to be spending hundreds of dollars on the electric bill to keep her and her family warm.

“It’s not a small fix. It’s a big one. So that’s just a blessing in itself. It’s unbelievable,” she says.

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