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Drivers and Local Transit Resigned to Higher Gas Prices

Gas prices keep inching upward in Michigan. According to Gas Buddy, the average price of gas has increased more than 9 cents per gallon in the state in the last week.

The average price for a gallon of regular is now $3.37 cents. Prices are $0. 41 higher now than a month ago, and $0.14 higher than a year ago.

Carrie Thompson, the executive director of the Cadillac Wexford County Transit Authority, Wex Express, said even small fluctuations can have an impact.


With gas prices fluctuating often the past few years, they try to plan ahead.

“We estimated at $4 a gallon. When we do our estimating for our budget. So, if it goes above that, we have to make adjustments. But yes, obviously all of these things affect us on a daily basis,” said Thompson.

Drivers also have to make adjustments as the price at the pump go up.

“Everything is going up, up, up.”


“We don’t travel nearly as much as we used to, that’s for sure. It affects us big time.”

At Wex Express, ridership is linked to gas prices. When prices go up, so does the number of riders.

Thompson says just like drivers, Wex Express just has to keep adjusting to the price of gas.

“So, we really hope that they come down. But, you know, that’s not in our control or anybody else’s. So we’re just kind of roll with the punches,” said Thompson.