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Traverse City Curling Club Hosts Grand Opening

After years of planning, the Traverse City Curling Club officially opened Saturday.

Dr. Don Piche, one of the founders of the club says he idea to open a club all started from his interest in watching the sport. “Going back to 2002 when curling started being an Olympic sport again. And then every 4 years I’d watch it and watch about a 12 year period of time, we were able to start a club.”

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All the founders were thrilled to open the club’s doors to the public. He says he “could feel this coming. There’s a curiosity about this game. And when people recognize it’s not that difficult and can actually probably do this, it allows us to come together in ways that we haven’t been able to do that in the past.”

And this facility is for all ages and all experience levels, giving families and friends a place to spend time together and learn a new sport. Piche tells us “one of the one of the neatest things about the game is it’s multi-generational.” The club plans to have many opportunities for the community to learn how to play this sport.

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