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Traverse City in the Running for Two More “Best of” Titles

It’s no question that Northern Michigan is home to award winning communities. Now you can help a popular spot win bragging rights in two more ways..

Traverse City is being ranked in USA Today’s list for the Top 10 Best Midwest Small Towns, and Best Small Town Food Scene. As of Friday morning it was ranked number 2 for Best Town and at number 4 for Best Food.

“People find this to be a very friendly community. It’s a place where you do call it home. It’s kind of home to a lot of people in the Midwest, definitely a lot of Michiganders. So I think there’s a sense of pride with that. So people want to make sure that others know how special this place is and this is an opportunity for them to do that,” TC Tourism President and CEO Trevor Tkach says.


Being on a “Top 10″ list or “Best Of” is not new to Traverse City.

“We’ve won some, we’ve come in the top five or top three numerous times. So not unique for us to be on a list like this. It’s such a special place, but you can’t rest on your laurels,” Tkach says.

Voting is open to everyone, not just those in the Traverse City area. Polls are open until Feb. 20 at noon.

A vote can be placed once every day.

If you’d like to help put Traverse City at number one, click here for the Best Small Town vote. And click here for the Best Food Scene vote.

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