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Lake County Police Unions Pass Vote of No Confidence in Prosecutor’s Office

Tensions are high in Lake County following a letter from the Police Officers Association of Michigan revealing police unions in Lake County unanimously passed a vote of no confidence in the prosecutor’s office.

“I do think it’s unfair and I think my office works to the best of it’s ability,” Prosecutor Craig Cooper protests.

Lake County Sheriff Richard Martin says the vote of no confidence was not his decision, but he supports their choice.


“This was an unprecedented move what the union did. For those individuals that have to go out and work those streets every single day to get that frustrated with the prosecutor’s office, it speaks for itself,” Sheriff Martin states.

In the letter from the Police Officers Association of Michigan there was a long list of issues raised by law enforcement. Sheriff Martin says one of the biggest issues he and other officers have had is a lack of communication. He says cases have been thrown out due to subpoenas showing up late or to the wrong officer.

“Am I big on people getting second chances and third chances? Absolutely I am, but the bottom line is it creates the atmosphere where people know that nothing’s going to happen so the bad behavior continues,” Sheriff Martin says.

Cooper says the union’s vote does come as a surprise but says the sheriff’s discontent is nothing new.


“The behavior isn’t surprising. There’s been a constant history ever since the current sheriff has been elected to try and undermine me and my office,” Cooper claims.

Cooper says there needs to be a better understanding of the court process and says he and detectives with the Sheriff’s office were actually working towards having monthly meetings to discuss what more needs to be done on cases.

“This type of action doesn’t really help in that endeavor,” Cooper admits.

Both sides say they’re not really sure what’s next but say they will continue to serve Lake County to the best of their abilities.


“I’m not the one trying to undermine any relationship here. I’m always open to working with anybody,” Cooper states.

“What’s going to happen for now, I don’t know. Could it get any worse, I would hope not. I don’t think it could get any worse,” Sheriff Martin says.