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Cold is Cool Passport Helps Make Skiing and Snowboarding More Affordable for Families

The Michigan Snowsports Industries Association teamed up with ski resorts to make skiing more affordable. Through the Cold is Cool Passport app.

“What it does is it allows any child in the fourth or fifth grade to ski for free, either two or three times at each of the participating ski areas around Michigan,” explained Mickey MacWilliams, Executive Director for the Michigan Snowsports Industries Association.

“They’re old enough, so they understand instruction. They’re physically developed enough to handle being outside and on the slopes. So it just seems to be a good age group to target,” said Steve Kershner, Director of Snowsports at Shanty Creek.


Thirty resorts are participating, including Nubs Nob, Caberfae Peaks, Hickory Hills and Shanty Creek.

“On a busy weekend, we’ll see anywhere from 75 to 100 apps come through. I think right now we’re at about 4,000 of them statewide, so there’s a lot of potential out there,” explained Kershner.

They hope this potential turns into a lifetime of fun out on the slopes.

“It’s a wonderful sport because no matter what your ability is, you can do this as a family,” said MacWilliams. “Our kids can ski down one slope. Parents can go down a different one and meet at the lift. It’s a great way to get out in the exercise with your family and kids, no matter how old you are.”

The Cold is Cool Passport app is $30.00 and $5.00 goes to the non-profit MiSnow.

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