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Cadillac Non-Profit Jam and Bread Helping Youth Create Music and Art

Jam and Bread is a new Cadillac organization that introduces kids to music, art and life skills.

Jam and Bread has two parts. Jam is all about the music.

“It saved me when I was a teen, and it saved me again when I was an adult,” said Marla Courtney, President of Jam and Bread, “So I thought we need to give kids the opportunity to learn music in any form that you can.


Dave Dalton will teach guitar as part of Jam and Bread.

“I’d like to be able to get other people to get into the mode where they’re able to listen to what some other guys are doing, and then you add your flavor to it,” explained Dave Dalton, Guitar Teacher for Bread and Jam.

There will also be an opportunity to learn the behind-the-scenes aspects of music and production.

“It’s about production, stage setup, lighting, promotion and coordinating. So music, even if you can’t play a musical instrument, there’s something that you can do in the field of music,” said Courtney.


The Bread of Jam and Bread is all about making something.

Pastry Chef Heather Goodman will teach students how to bake.

“Come hang out in my kitchen. We would have fun. You play with stuff, you get textures, and you can see the science of things, the emulsification of things together,” explained Heather Goodman, Vice President and Bakery Instructor at Jam and Bread. “Then your final product is this beautiful dessert, or maybe it’s a French macron or crème brûlée.

The goal is to have jam kids help musicians at the After Hours Market in Cadillac during the summer and bread kids sell their products at the market.


The first classes are on Wednesday, including guitar, bass and violin at the United Methodist Church of Cadillac.

Classes are free, and you do not need an instrument to participate.

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