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62-Year-Old Ogemaw Co. Man Wins $1.15 Million Jackpot

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An Ogemaw County man won $1.15 million dollars after he bought a Lotto 47 ticket from the Michigan Lottery.

The lucky 62-year-old, who chose to remain anonymous, matched the winning Lotto 47 numbers drawn Dec. 24 to win the jackpot. The winning numbers were 17-18-19-32-36-46.

The man bought his winning ticket at the Rose City BP gas station, located at 619 South Bennett Street.


“I always purchase a Lotto 47 ticket when I stop at the gas station in the morning to get coffee,” the man said. “I went to the same gas station a few days after purchasing my Lotto 47 ticket and the clerk asked if I’d bought a Lotto 47 ticket from them recently because they had sold a $1.15 million winning ticket. I pulled the ticket out of my wallet and had her scan it. When a message came up saying to file a claim at the Lottery office, the clerk’s face lit up and she handed me a printout of the winning numbers. When I saw I’d matched them all, I dropped to my knees in tears. I feel so incredibly blessed!”

The man visited Michigan Lottery headquarters recently to claim the big prize. With his winnings, he plans to pay bills, complete home renovations and invest.

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