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Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge Canceled After 14 Years

The Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge has been going on for 14 years but it will not return this year.

The off-road motorized hill climb was held at Shanty Creek Resort for years but the resort informed challenge organizers they did not want to host it anymore.

Organizers hope this is not the end of the snow challenge and they are working to find other ski resorts to host the competitive hill climb that boasts modified trucks, jeeps and more.


They’re looking across the state for a new location but prefer to stay in Northern Michigan.

SMSC Organizers say this challenge is “one of the biggest off road races in the Midwest, in the state. There’s people that come from all over the country to this event every year. It has national recognition and it has worldwide recognition. It is a very, very large event beyond the scope of what we realized.”

The Snow Challenge plans to update the community on their Facebook once they find a new location.

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