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Northern Michigan Residents Sound Off on Upcoming State of the State Address

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will give the State of the State Address on Wednesday night in Lansing, and she has a lot to address.

From education to jobs, to a large state budget surplus, expect the governor to identify the direction her administration and the Democratic majority House and Senate will want to take Michigan in the years ahead.

9&10 News’ Jodi Miesen caught up with some people in Northern Michigan to find out what they hope and expect the governor to talk about.


Robert Sake lives in Cadillac. He said he definitely plans to tune in to hear what Whitmer has to say.

“We need to correct some things. Yeah, there’s a lot of spending, frivolous spending that’s going on. And, you know, I know there’s some energy things that I’m concerned about,” said Sake.

And Sake said he thinks the state is in trouble.

“I’m interested to see what she has to say, because right now my outlook on the economy is kind of bleak. I’m involved with some things business wise that I’ve seen pricing that kind of scares me along the way,” said Sake.


Sake said in addition to worries about the economy and energy, he also worries about the next generation.

“We got to create a strong foundation for our young people because that’s our future,” said Sake.

Not everyone is as pessimistic about where we stand as a state.

Amanda Siggins is the chair of the Democratic Party in Wexford County.


“I definitely think that our state is struggling. You know, in a few areas for childcare and, you know, funding for public education and things of that sort. But I think that it’s something that a lot of states are struggling with right now. And we’re finding ways locally to address some of those issues,” said Siggins.

Siggins hopes that even more work can get done in Lansing and that will be highlighted Wednesday night in the State of the State Address.

“Politics doesn’t have to be something that divides us. They can actually be something that unites us. And I think that’s something that Whitmer works really hard at doing,” said Siggins.

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