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Confrontation with Teens on Scooters Leads to Charges Against Ex-Bay City Public Service Director

A 56-year-old former Bay City public service director was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery after an altercation last fall with some teenagers, Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Monday.

Michael Cecchini, who retired on Oct. 2, 2022, after he was accused of assault, is alleged to have used his badge to confront three teens who were riding rented Bird Scooters in an apartment parking lot.

Nessel’s office said Cecchini threatened the teens with physical violence and arrest before hitting one of the youths in his lower chest area with the butt of a flashlight. A verbal altercation between the two continued until police were called to the scene. One of the teens recorded most of the incident on a cellphone.


“No one is above the law, and members of law enforcement should not expect special treatment when they abuse their authority,” Nessel said.

Cecchini, of Bay City, will be arraigned on Jan. 26 at the 74th District Court.

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