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After 16-Year High in 2022, Traffic Deaths Drop in 2023

After a record-setting year, state police say traffic-related deaths are beginning to fall.

Now almost a month into the new year, traffic deaths on Michigan roads are way down compared to the beginning of last year.

The decrease in traffic deaths comes after the state saw a 16-year high last year.


On January 23, 2022, there had already been 64 deaths on Michigan roads. That’s more than three times the deaths compared to what we’ve seen so far in 2023.

Michigan State Police Public Information Officer Lieutenant Derrick Carroll says a lot of factors go into why they’re seeing fewer deaths including the economy, gas prices and especially the mild winter so far.

“One thing that we haven’t had up here is a bad January. December we had the big snowstorm come through. And so far January we’ve had some icy roads here and there. We hope people just continue to use common sense, drive carefully, look out for one another and buckle up,” Lieutenant Carroll says.

He reminds people winter is still upon us and drivers should get their vehicles winterized if they haven’t already.