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Inside The Kitchen at Roasted in Cadillac

“It’s almost a defining moment for the downtown that we finally have someplace like this,” said Eric Sodermon, a frequent customer at Roasted in Cadillac.

He has stopped by pretty much every day since they opened in May.

“Well, if you’re a connoisseur of avocado toast, it’s one of the best I’ve had, their daily specials never disappoint,” he said.

It’s topped with roasted onions and tomatoes.

“We do we try to add something roasted to all of our ingredients to go with the name,” said owner, Erica Piedmonte.

She says the restaurant has really grown since they opened, because of the demand for a hang out like this downtown.

“Breakfast, lunch, and then we’ve got appetizers, nachos, tacos, charcuterie boards, stuff like that to pair with,” she said.

They use a lot of other local names you’d recognize around northern Michigan. They’re a family-owned business supporting other family-owned businesses.

We work with Fustini’s and Bubbie’s Bagels and Bay Bread.

And plenty to satisfy your sweet tooth.

“We make all of our baked goods from scratch, so we’ve got cookies, muffins, biscotti, scones and we have chocolate croissants,” said Erica.

“Nothing comes in on a truck and you can taste that,” said Eric.

You could wash it all down with a latte or a libation.

“The Mitchell Street, so in that is Mammoth Vodka and we also add hibiscus, we make our own hibiscus, we just use dry hibiscus flowers and make a syrup out of that,” Erica said.

“You can enjoy everything on the same day,” Eric explained. “You can come in here with your laptop in the morning, do some work, have some coffee, have a breakfast item, and if you decided to take the afternoon off, you close the laptop up, order a couple of beers before you leave,” Eric said.

You can find Roasted at 115 N. Mitchell Street in Cadillac, or call them at 231-224-6192.

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