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“Frozen Stupid” Sequel to Premiere on the Big Screen at Tip-Up Town

Tip-Up Town will bring another big event to Houghton Lake this weekend: the local premiere of a brand new film shot in Northern Michigan.

Temperatures this weekend will be right around freezing, and a northern Michigan filmmaker will be showing off his movie, “Frozen Stupid 2: Open Water.” It’s a sequel from Rich Brauer, who says they shot the movie right before the pandemic. “What better place than the Pines in Houghton Lake, which is right where we filmed this thing. And so it’s the kick off of Tip-Up Town USA.”

The sequel comes after the original “Frozen Stupid”, shot right in Houghton Lake back in 2016 during Tip-Up Town.


“This is the first time this will be - this weekend will be the first time this movie has been screened on a large screen anywhere,” says Brauer. “I love these people. It’s fun. It’s there. So I couldn’t have done the movie without them. It’s an amazing community for this sort of thing.”

The “Open Water” sequel has already earned six national and international awards, including nods from the Cannes International Cinema Festival, the Chicago Indie Awards, and a Toronto Film Festival. But the big screen premiere comes to Houghton Lake.

“The Pines Theater is owned by this super cool family and they’re opening this movie theater up to the general public at the normal ticket prices,” Brauer says. “Everybody in the whole Houghton Lake community loves having fun and I love telling stories. So it’s a perfect fit.”

The film will be shown Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Tip-Up Town, but they’re holding an event with surprise guests on Saturday at the Pines Theater. You can buy tickets at the door.

To see the trailer for “Frozen Stupid 2: Open Water”, click here.

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