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It’s Fat Tire Bike Season at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

When you think of Silver Lake Sand Dunes, you probably think of off-road vehicles. But there’s something new that’s been years in the making, and you can do it in the winter.

They’ve got two wheels, and you’ve probably seen them before: fat tire bikes.

“We started about two years ago with some conversations because people wanted to come out here and ride their bikes in the dunes,” explained Jody Johnston, park manager at Silver Lake State Park. “Unfortunately, we had a general rule about state parks that you can’t ride a bicycle other than in parking places and designated trails.”

That rule has now changed at Silver Lake Sand Dunes, thanks to a collaborative effort between the Department of Natural Resources, Shoreline Cycling Club and Michigan’s Edge Mountain Biking Association.

“This is another activity that people can enjoy and get outdoors, get some exercise and enjoy the park during the winter months when there’s not a whole lot of other things going on,” said Johnston.

“It’s such a unique experience, a unique area. It offers a totally different experience than normal biking in the winter,” said Dave Maclean, Board Member of Shoreline Cycling Club.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes fat tire bike season runs Dec. 15 through March 15.

Fat Tire Bikes are allowed in the 450-acre ORV scramble area.

“Every time you come out here, it’s a little different. The wind blows the sand around and what was a big steep hill last year is now a long flat hill,” explained Maclean. “The dunes are just constantly evolving.”

You can access the dunes through the pedestrian parking lot. All you need is a recreation passport on your car. If you don’t have one, there is a self-pay registration drop box.