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No Snow Not Stopping TART Trails Winter Trails Day

Saturday is the

You may need your coat, hat, gloves, and boots, but just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t hit the trails here in Northern Michigan.

TART Trails Winter Trails Day is the perfect opportunity to try them out for the first time or rediscover them.

“If you’ve had any barrier to entry, whether it’s the cost or just not knowing what to wear or where to get the equipment, that’s what the day is all about,” explained Janna Goethel, Annual Gifts and Events Coordinator for TART Trails. “It’s eliminating those barriers to entry, allowing folks to come and try these winter sports out so they can get out there and enjoy.”

The event is at Timber Ridge Resort in Traverse City.

“It’s just a unique place in that we have access to so many different trails here,” said Meranda Lambert, General Manager at Timber Ridge Resort.

Despite the lack of snow, organizers say there’s still fun.

“We’ve got demos for cross-country skis this year. It’ll be an info session since we don’t have snow to ski on,” said Goethel. “This year, we will still have the fat tire bike demos. We’ll do some dryland training and hillbounding. Then we’re going to get out and do some nice hikes in lieu of snowshoeing this year.

Once we get some snow that sticks, the fun on the trails really begins.

“If you’re looking at a winter trail, there’s going to be a nice skate ski lane in the middle with classic ski tracks on the side. So those are reserved for cross-country skiers to enjoy,” explained Goethel. “We ask that snow shoes and hikers stay to the edge of the trail so that they’re not crossing over those tracks that are so important for the skiers and our groomers work so hard to create.”

TART Trails Winter Trails Day is free and open to the public.