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Cedar Gets a New Recycling Drop-Off After Losing Theirs Last Year

Recycling Gfl Cedar

UPDATE 1/13/23 7:00 p.m.

Leelanau County’s busiest recycling community now has a new drop-off spot.

A popular recycling drop-off spot in Cedar was shut down at the end of 2o22 after an agreement between Solon Township and Leelanau Township couldn’t be reached.

Thanks to efforts from the community, a new location at Bunting’s Cedar Market is now open to the public.

People in Cedar say the demand is there, but there are only seven recycling drop-off sites in the entire county.

“We didn’t realize how many people recycle until they heard that there was not going to be a recycling center in Cedar anymore. And so this has been exciting and it’s going to be a real plus for all of us,” said Ray Pleva, a lifelong resident of Cedar.

The site is nestled on half an acre of wetlands, and had to be approved by EGLE before opening.

12/29/22 5:30 p.m.

Leelanau County is about to have one less spot for community recycling. But some people are working to change that.

Solon Township has had an agreement with the County to provide a recycling drop-off site in Cedar. But the County says the contract is expiring at the end of the year because the two sides couldn’t reach a new agreement.

It means they’ll have to find a new location. Life-long Cedar resident Ray Pleva is searching for a spot, and helping with site and design plans. He says they’ve settled on half an acre of wetlands and will need state approval from EGLE.

Pleva says the demand is there. With just seven drop-off sites in the whole county, Cedar is one of the busiest.

“I went to the Township board and said ‘if we can get a piece of property the county can buy one acre then you guys would not be involved in recycling anymore.” Pleva says township leaders he’s spoken with are agreeable to that option.

“My goal was to find a one acre recycling spot,” he says. “Cedar is the third most-used site in the county. What people like is they come to recycling, they go to post office, grocery store and hardware store or on to Traverse, and do everything at one time.”

Pleva says the plan is for the county to buy the property, and he says county and township leaders are on board. While they looked at privately-owned property, those options didn’t work out.

“We looked at each road going out of Cedar and who owned the property and where it’s located and we didn’t find anything,” he says.

That’s why the focus is now on a parcel of wetlands. He says he’s already been working with EGLE in hopes of securing the necessary permits. Finalizing the new site could happen within a few weeks.

Everyone pays $29 per year for recycling in the county, Pleva says. And since everyone is paying for it, he wants it to be an option that’s centrally located, convenient for everyone who passes through the county. “Whatever it takes we’re going to make it work.”

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