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Retired, Not Tired Ski Group Showing Age is just a Number on the Slopes

Retired Not Tired

The Retired, Not Tired Ski Group is made up of people ages 55 and up who are kicking off their tenth year of tearing it up on the slopes.

Some members are even better skiers now than they were in their younger years.

The Retired, Not Tired group started in 2013, thanks to a man named Rick Robb.

“He wanted to help make people’s lives better in many different ways,” said Chris Fisher, Snow Sports Director at Crystal Mountain.

“He had a core belief there were people out there like him and me and many others who wanted to get back into skiing but weren’t sure they could do it,” explained Gary Hearing, a Member of Retired, Not Tired.

That can do it part is the core of the group. Not only do they meet to ski each week, but they focus on a specific skill, spending three hours on the slopes practicing with instructors.

“On Wednesday, the topic was how to get pressure to the front of the skis as the skiers enter the initiation phase or the beginning of each turn,” explained Fisher.

“Wednesday was one of the best days I’ve ever had on the slopes. I was in a serious accident two years ago, and I’m finishing up physical therapy and what I learned today made me much more relaxed, more confident, efficient and fun,” said Peggy Shinkel, Member of Retired, Not Tired.

“My goal is getting down the hill, standing up and gaining some skills,” said Hearing.

Robb passed away this summer, but the more than 50 Retired, Not Tired members are determined to keep his legacy going, especially on the slopes.

“The people I meet is my favorite part and that retired people staying active,” said Robin Potthoff, Member of Retired, Not Tired.

The Retired, Not Tired ski group meets every Wednesday at Crystal Mountain.

They’re always accepting new members. For more information on the group, click here.