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Victim of Green Mill Motel Explosion Files Lawsuit Against Mother, Motel Owners

One of the victims of the 2017 explosion at the   has filed a lawsuit.

Investigators say was making butane hash oil in her room, sparking the explosion that destroyed the motel.

The explosion left her sons, Marcus, Thomas and Brian Adams, with severe burns.

Brian nearly died and has endured years of surgery. And now, he’s filed a lawsuit against his mother and the owners of the motel.

The lawsuit also named Wexford County prosecutors at the time as well as the Manton Police Chief as defendants. They have since been dismissed from the lawsuit.

The attorney representing Brian says they’re deciding what their next legal move will be after a hearing Thursday.

While the lawsuit seeks financial compensation, Brian’s attorney says they’re also trying to make sure no one ever has to go through what Brian did and hoping to see laws changed.

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