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Mitten Brewing Company in Northport Gets New Year’s Reprieve

Mitten Brewing Northport
Mitten Brewing Dan
Mitten Brewing Forever

A popular bar in Leelanau County thought they’d be closing out the year by closing their doors. Instead, they got a last-minute gift for Christmas.

Mitten Brewing Company has been operating its Northport location for six years. That’s in addition to other locations in Grand Rapids and Saugatuck. But without a new lease from the landlord, the Mitten was expecting to have to shut down next week. Instead, they got a new one-year lease offer, and they’re hoping to stay even longer.

Taproom Manager Dan Frank says, “we’ve got a minute to breathe and figure this out. We were also keeping our fingers crossed that in some way shape or form this would work out. And it did.”

Frank thought they’d be ringing in the New Year by ringing up their last sales ever. But he’s elated that their fortunes are changing.

“The reality is we’ve been kind of having this looming over our heads for four, maybe five years now,” he says. “It bought us a year. It’s not it’s not the most ideal of situations. It’s a whole lot better than what we were facing, though. And that year buys us some time. It gives us the opportunity to keep working. We’re hopeful. We’re real hopeful.”

New Year’s Eve will still be their last night for a while since they’ll close for a few months to make some improvements and Frank says they will be back to re-open in the spring.