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Cadillac Offering Downtown Dollars to Stimulate Local Economy

Shopping local is important to keep small businesses open.

And for the last several years, Cadillac has been keeping money local by offering “Downtown Dollars.”

This year set a record of having more than 30 shops participating in the program. Within two hours of selling the gift certificates at a discount, they sold out with $15,000 in sales, which will be used to stimulate the local economy.

“When we spend our dollars locally, 70% of that stays here. So it’s staying back to invest in your community to keep those businesses here that we’re requesting for because everybody wants to say we want a good Cadillac experience, but we also have to remember to support that Cadillac experience,” Bethany Miller, the Administrative Assistant for the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce, says.

Downtown Dollars can be bought at many locations in downtown Cadillac.

You can check out the full list .

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