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Inside The Kitchen at Michigan Coffee Company


“I have always just had a love for baking, and a love for coffee, and so, you know, pairing them together is just a beautiful thing,” Laura Dillon, the owner of Michigan Coffee Company, said.

That heartwarming, soul-filling and belly-filling combination is Michigan Coffee Company in Cadillac.

“So I’m making our dough,” she said.

That’s how every morning starts for Laura.

“Oh, it absolutely makes a difference…. I mean, just nothing tastes better than just fresh homemade items, and so we make our paninis on it and it just searing it on the grill,” she said. “It just, it’s just perfect.”

This is one of their more popular, the ultimate grilled cheese.

“It comes up just nice and toasty and just everything that you would want,” Laura said.

Louis Dusa stops in five days a week.

“The pastries are all homemade, too, all of the cinnamon rolls, all of the turnovers she makes, all of those,” Louis said. “And you can tell it when you eat them because they’re, you know, they’re homemade.”

And to wash it all down, a campfire white mocha.

“So a lot of them just things that sounded good to me,” said Laura. “A lot of them, just drinks that just spoke to my heart.”

Laura says what she loves most about Michigan Coffee Company is the community she serves, and the community she’s building right here in the dining room.

“Just come together and just have a good cup of coffee with your friends, it’s just there’s nothing like that, you know,” she said.

“Come in here in the middle of the winter when it’s 20 degrees outside, you get a hot cup of soup in a sandwich, you know, a cup of coffee,” Louis started. “You sit down in one of those easy chairs, you’re at home, you virtually are at home, and you feel that way here.”

You can visit Michigan Coffee Company at 6184 E M-115 #132 in Cadillac, or call them at 231-444-6550.

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