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Public Survey Results in Regards to Grand Traverse ARPA Funds Shared with Community

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Grand Traverse County Commissioners met to discuss how to spend the millions of dollars in American Rescue Plan dollars.

The county received more than $18 million in ARPA funds, but it hasn’t been easy to decide where the money should go.

Those in the county have been sharing their opinion on where they believe the funds will be best served. People from the Grand Traverse County community who attended the meeting voiced concern for the homeless population in the area.

“Some of the most vulnerable people in the community are people addicted to drugs and alcohol who are homeless. If we can recreate this program 50 times over, we still wouldn’t have enough beds to house the population. I think many of you know about the times here in Traverse City. Most of the homeless population has been forced into the Pines,” shares one community member.

Funding is crucial to provide resources and affordable housing for those in need in the area. The community continues to advocate for the homeless population stating that “the homeless in this community is very important. Again, hundreds of people are without housing. We have many of them living on the streets. Of course, it’s our winter season and this is very much a challenge for those people.”

Commissioners are taking into account the community’s opinion when deciding where these funds should go.

They say they “tried to do a consensus-driven approach that was made by itself from public sector consultants, and we sorted through the process. We started, as I mentioned, back in February, to understand our role and look at the eligibility of funding under ARPA.”

A public survey was conducted to see what is most important to those in Grand Traverse County and the results were shared in the regular meeting Wednesday but those in the community are still waiting to hear where the County decides to spend these funds.