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Major Issues Being Addressed for Wastewater Collection System Surrounding Lake Mitchell

Aging infrastructure is an issue many communities in Northern Michigan are dealing with. From crumbling roads, to lack of broadband, to failing water systems, it can cause many people to face difficult decisions.

And the communities surrounding Lake Mitchell in Cadillac is no exception.

The wastewater collection system there was built in the 1970s, and in 2016 the decades old system was taken over by the Lake Mitchell Sewer Authority. Since then, it has experienced several overflows.

The authority has been working to correct problems with the system, but lack of funding has made that difficult. This has since then prompted the Michigan Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy to step in to help the community address major issues.

“It’s been hard for communities and leaders to push forward and implement major projects because they cost money rates increase and they’re unpopular. The systems and the equipment just doesn’t last forever and there’s no way of getting around it. Eventually, the systems and equipment need to be replaced,” Donal Brady, Environmental Engineer for EGLE, said.

The $9 million project is in the bidding process now and expected to begin next year.



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