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Two Additional Volleyball Courts Coming to West End Beach in Traverse City


Traverse City commissioners decided Monday to bring more volleyball courts to West End Beach.

Commissioners approved a plan that would add two courts to the existing six already along the Grandview Parkway.

And while the cost for the project is coming in a few thousand dollars less than expected, some people were opposed to the project. Some raised concerns over the loss of green space and whether or not they’ll actually be used.

“From what I understand, most of the activity for the volleyball courts were done in the evening. So, if you drive down there at three o’clock in the afternoon, you’ll probably find them empty. But if you go down there Monday night through Friday night, or maybe even Saturday, the leagues are playing,” Mayor Richard Lewis explains.

The cost of construction is a little over $57,000, and according to the city commission the volleyball courts generate around $15,000. After tonight’s approval construction on the volleyball courts can begin immediately.

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