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Traverse City Commissioners Approve on Three-Year Agreement with MMR


People living in Traverse City will continue to have their EMS service provided by MMR.

Traverse City Commissioners approved an agreement with Medical Mobile Response to continue as the city’s medical transportation service Monday.

MMR took over EMS duties for Northern Strike when it was dissolved in 2020. The Traverse City Fire Department will continue to serve as the backup transport agency.

The new agreement will last three years with commissioners conducting a review of their performance every quarter. MMR will be issued a $250 fine by the city if they arrive on a scene with one paramedic, or if they arrive on scene after the fire department. Traverse City Fire Chief Jim Tuller says the city is still considering the fire department as the primary transportation agency but says the new agreement will work for the time being.

“What was important about tonight is that we have a new agreement. We met several times with MMR leadership and the city management team to work out a new agreement. It has performance standards, there’s time constraints, there’s information they have to pass to us and there’s meetings that have to occur to review performance. [It’s] much better than before,” Chief Tuller explains.