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Father Fred Foundation Hands Out 100 Christmas Trees to Families in Need

Many people find Christmas trees to be an essential during the holiday season and can’t wait to set them up. But many people in Northern Michigan are unable to have one every year.

Now though, to the Father Fred Foundation, about 100 trees were passed out for free last week.

It all happened on morning when, mysteriously, the trees appeared overnight. And it wasn’t long before they were all gone.

It’s not known who dropped off the special gift, but for many and the foundation, it was a joyful time.

“It feels really great because with families struggling at this time of year with cost of goods and putting food on the table and paying their medical bills to be able to just give them that that little joy at this time that they might not have been able to have is really rewarding. It’s a really amazing thing that we can do that for them,” Stephanie Kimball,  the communications manager at the Father Fred Foundation, said.

The Father Fred Foundation doesn’t stop with handing out Christmas trees to help out in the holiday season.

They have also opened their doors for Grand Traverse County families to register for Toys for Tots through Friday.