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Christmas Trees Selling Out Even With Higher Prices


Its been a busy season so far for those selling Christmas trees, causing them to close down early this season.

Farmers say they “still have plenty of trees here to sell” but they are selling out fast.

One lot thinks they’ll “probably sell out about middle of next week.”

Even with some places raising their prices, shoppers are still eager to purchase their Christmas tree.

Ben Komrska, who’s the owner of a lot, tells us “the average size tree is just $2 more.” Though this increase may not seem like much, some shoppers are doing what they can to save a little.

“We’ve gotten a lot of phone calls in regards to pricing,” Darrel Robinson, co-owner of Robinson Family Christmas Tree Farm shares. He says they “try and keep our prices fair here” but people are still searching for the cheapest tree.

While some shoppers are focused on finding the perfect price, others are looking for a place that offers more than just trees.

Robinson Family Christmas Tree Farm offers more than just trees, it’s an experience for customers. The farm has more trees in the back for customers to cut down themselves as well as farm animals and holiday treats for the kids.

“We don’t typically like to provide the lot experience, but what we do is we have the animals. We have hot cocoa, chocolate chip cookies for everybody, the fire pit. So we like to provide an experience for people to come out here,” Robinson says.

Whether you plan to shop at a lot this year, or spend some time with he family at a farm, these trees are selling out fast!