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A New Budding Business in Kalkaska Hopes to Inspire Others


Despite the winter season, a new business owner in Kalkaska is doing what she can to keep the spring season all year round. 

Leah Holston, owner of Sunday Morning Flowers, took the advice of one of her close friends, who said, “One the biggest risks you should take is on yourself.” And that’s just what Holston did when creating her own business from scratch.

She always dreamed of owning a shop, and that dream just came true with her hosting her grand opening of her very own flower shop. This shop is now one of two in the area. She says she just loves “the idea of artistic.”

Although starting a new business may seem intimidating, Holston was thrilled to have the opportunity to do something she loves. “It was like the space came open and we were just like, let’s go for it,” says Holston.

This is something new for her, but she believes her work alone will allow this business to blossom, sharing, “I‘m confident of my work. I think it’s a place that people can come and be able to buy. It’s somewhere that people can come and maybe even buy flowers for themselves. It’s going to be a place that people want to come and see and visit and talk to.”

She is hoping for a success, but it doesn’t come without nerves. Holston is running this business on her own, but many of her friends and family have been by her side since she came up with the idea. She tells us she has “a lot of friends and support. I have a lot of support. So it’s been amazing.”

Holston wants to share with others that if they are thinking of starting a business, they should take the risk on themselves and see where it takes them.

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