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Inside The Kitchen at Playa Bowls in Traverse City


Playa Bowls owner Amy Goldberg says the key to the bowls is that “it’s supposed to look kind of wavy like an ocean.”

That’s because the chain’s inspiration was found in the ocean.

A couple came back to their New Jersey hometown after surfing all around the world and realized they didn’t have the healthy lunch options they were looking for.

“So they started it just them two like, you’re going to go start getting bananas and chopping them up on the side, and then it turned to this huge company,” Goldberg explained.

Playa Bowls opened their 156th location, in Traverse City, in September.

She says everything is natural, and all the fresh fruit is organic.

“I want it to be delicious without feeling like you’re being slowed down,” Amy said. “Healthy and naturally delicious.”

They also sell plenty of customizable juices made from whole fruits and vegetables, like this Mermaid Fuel juice.

“We have the cucumber and apples, kale, the pineapple is what really makes it sweet, and then we have little, little sprigs of mint in there as well,” Amy described. “It gives you all the nutrients, it’s like eating all those cucumbers and all the kale and everything, but you’re drinking it.”

Whether you’re grabbing something quick or staying a while, in the sand or in the snow, playa bowls in Traverse City welcomes you to pineapple land.

”A pineapple in Hawaii is like home, like welcome home,” Amy said.

You can visit Playa Bowls at 222 E. State Street Suite 101 in Traverse City, or call them at 231-642-5014.

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