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It’s Officially Christmas Time in Traverse City

Tc Tree Light

The tree in Traverse City is officially lighting up the town with Christmas spirit!

Crowds kept local stores and shops busy Tuesday during the tree-lighting ceremony. At Espresso Bay, their shop manager says throughout the night they were just “trying to get ahead of refilling the hot chocolate before we run out of our containers down here. Everything behind the bar is going smooth, not a ton of people ordering coffee; it’s mostly hot chocolate.”

Everyone who came out for the tree-lighting event were smiling, enjoying their hot chocolates and spending time with others in their community.

Many stuck around for the light parade.

Over 30 organizations participated in the parade, one of them being United Way, which handed out over 1,000 books to children. They were working hard the day of the event to finish their float, stating, “This has been a much longer process than usual preparing for our light parade here. We are getting a nighttime literacy display prepared for families to hopefully be inspired to talk, to each other, to check out some new books at the library, and to read more frequently with their children.”

Everyone seemed to love coming together to start celebrating the holidays. One special guest was unable to attend this year though due to it being on a Tuesday: Traverse City’s Cherry Queen was away at college. Those at the Cherry Festival tell us she wishes she could’ve been here to participate in the parade along with them.

Even through the rain, families were smiling with lights around their necks and enjoyed watching Santa Claus light up their town this holiday season!