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Hundreds Gather in Traverse City for 15th Annual Turkey Trot

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People in Traverse City gathered early Thanksgiving to celebrate the season and get a little exercise before their big feast.

The 15th annual Turkey Trot in Traverse City was a slippery one, according to organizer Brian Hagerty.

“This year, while it’s awesome out, there’s freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw to deal with. So, traction is the big issue, and we want to make sure everyone has a safe, fun experience,” Hagerty explains.

Hagerty reports after a “weird” past couple of years, they finally saw more people this year. 

“We’re probably around 2,500 and we’ve had as many as 2,800. So, it’s a good turnout.” Hagerty states.

Organizers were accepting donations for TART Trails and the National Cherry Festival, as well as Father Fred’s.

And after 15 years, Hagerty says they’re proud to see the event grow and become a Turkey Day tradition for families in Traverse City.

“The biggest thing for the community is really the tradition. Now the word is used as much as I hoped it would be, it’s now part of a tradition for people, for families. It enables people to have a distraction before they buckle down for the balance of the day. So, it really breaks up the day and allows for some fresh air and some exercise and build awesome tradition,” Hagerty says.

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