What’s Thanksgiving Weather Usually Like in Northern Michigan?

Wsi Happy ThankgivingIt’s Thanksgiving time, and you may be thinking about what to do. Play family football in the backyard, get out the grill, or get some holiday shopping done?

Whatever your plans may be this weekend, lets get into what kind of weather to expect.

On average, Northern Michigan sees a wide variety of weather on Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes the day is warm with records set, like 65° in Sault Ste. Marie in 2012.

It’s not unusual to have sunny weather, rainy weather or snowy weather. Even though it’s the fourth Thursday of November, the weather varies from year to year being that the day can fall on the 22nd to the 28th of the month.

For many locations across Northern Michigan, there is usually some measurable snow on the ground on Thanksgiving Day.

On average in Alpena, there is one inch of snow on the ground on Thanksgiving.

In 2014, the record was broken in Alpena with 13 inches of snow on the ground for Thanksgiving Day!  For Gaylord, the average snow depth on the ground is three inches, with a record of 16 inches in 2000 and 1970.

Gaylord did see 16.3 inches of lake effect snow in five days this past weekend. However, with temperatures back above freezing there won’t be quite as much left on Thanksgiving.

Aside from snow, our average temperatures across Northern Michigan range from 34° in the Soo and 39° for places like Alpena and Traverse City, according to the 1916-2021 data.

As for Michigan as a whole, the average temperature for Thanksgiving Day is 42°. So all in all, we are used to feeling temperatures in the mid-30s to lower 40s this time of year.

As for this year, you can expect temperatures not too far from average, with most of us feeling temperatures in the 40s. With the above-freezing temperatures, some of us will also be seeing some rain showers by the end of Turkey Day.

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