Moomers Asks Customers to Help Judge ‘Never Before Made’ Flavors

"Moomers is about tradition and memories, and this employee flavor contest has it all rolled in one." Moomers co-owner Nancy Plummer

Moomersstaffflavorcontest2Although there’s snow on the ground, is it ever too cold to enjoy some ice cream?

The folks at Moomers hope not, as they are once again asking people for help this holiday weekend in tasting some “never before made” ice cream flavors. The new flavors are part of their annual staff flavor contest.

One of the owners, Nancy Plummer, says the flavor contest helps during their quietest time of the year. She says they got the idea at a national ice cream convention.

“There was 60 to 80 flavors for us to try. New flavors from around the country and we thought, we should do it with our employees. And here we are,” says Plummer.

Workers at Moomers who are used to scooping ice cream have a chance to create their own. “Some employees think about it,” says Plummer. “If they’ve done it before, all year long they’ll look for ideas.”Moomersstaffflavorcontest1

After holding the contest for several years, Plummer says it has grown in popularity and even resulted in some families making Moomers ice cream part of their holiday traditions.

“It’s become quite a family thing,” says Plummer. “COVID forced us to put [the samples] in a box so they could take it home. But then it became a real family activity. It’s included in some people’s Thanksgivings.”