Michigan Gas Prices on Pace to Hit a Thanksgiving Record

AAA expects more than 1.5 million Michiganders will hit the road for Thanksgiving.

When drivers fill up their tank for thanksgiving travel, the price per gallon of gas might seem good compared to a few months or even a few weeks ago, but don’t let the lower price fool you. It isn’t that great compared to this time last year.

“They’re ridiculous. I’m glad they’re going down a little bit, but they’re still not good enough for me to travel,” said Amanda Holmes.

According to AAA, the average price per gallon of gas in Michigan is $3.75.

That is down $0.24 compared to this time last week.

Michigan is a light red area, so we’re not the most expensive, but we’re just slightly above the middle of the road when it comes to pricing,” explained Adrienne Woodland, Spokesperson for AAA Auto Club Group.

But compared to this time last year, the price per gallon of gas is up $0.40, putting this Thanksgiving on pace to be the highest price per gallon of gas on record.

“The highest ever Thanksgiving gas prices in Michigan were set back in 2012, and that was $3.61 a gallon for regular unleaded,” said Woodland.

However, AAA says gas prices aren’t expected to stop many travelers.

Bobby Carpenter filled up in Cadillac on his way from Sault Ste. Marie to home in Grand Rapids.

“I think gas prices are lower here than in the Soo. They’ve had high gas prices up in the Soo for a while,” said Bobby Carpenter.

“Lower Michigan generally has more populated areas with more stations. So there’s more competition, bringing down prices quicker,” explained Patrick De Haan, Petroleum Analysis at GasBuddy.

Gas prices are expected to keep dropping over the next couple of weeks.

“If nothing else, changes between now and Christmas. If there aren’t any new refinery issues or oil, markets can remain stable. We’ve got a long way to go to see prices catch up to where the wholesale price of gasoline has fallen,” said De Haan.