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Colorado Shooting Hits ‘Close to Home’ For Some in Northern Michigan

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The shooting in Colorado last weekend that left five dead and dozens injured is being felt in Northern Michigan.

UpNorth Pride Secretary and Advocacy Chair Anna Dituri says she was shocked when she heard the news Sunday. She guesses the shooting happened because of the spread of hateful speech against the LGBTQ community.

“The hateful rhetoric has become so normalized now. I think that definitely contributes to the position that we’re in,” Dituri says.

She calls the shooting gut-wrenching and says although it was hundreds of miles away, it still hits close to home.

“We are not a community that is incredibly different from Colorado Springs. We’re in a rural area, we have a pretty big population, it just feels so similar that it felt extra close to home,” Dituri explains.

She says the shooting is especially tragic due to it occurring in a gay nightclub. Something Dituri says was supposed to be a safe space for the community.

“Safe spaces are supposed to be safe and they’re becoming more and more incredibly unsafe and we already have a limited amount of safe spaces to begin with. So, it really does creep into the safety and comfortability of member of [the LGBTQ] community,” Dituri states.

Dituri says although the shooting happened in Colorado, people in Northern Michigan should do their part at keeping everyone safe.

“If folks are in conversations or overhear conversations of hate against members of the LGBTQ+ community we have to start confronting those regularly. If we don’t it just leads to more hyped violence and hyped rhetoric,” Dituri continues. “I think we just have to take it back and just not let hate beat love.”

If you’d like to talk to someone about last weekend’s shooting UpNorth Pride has provided them and on their social media.

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