Cadillac City Council Ends Parking Maintenance, Snow Removal Fee For Businesses

CadillaccouncilThe Cadillac City Council met Monday night to discuss ending the city’s special assessment and possibly adding parking meters.

Thirty years ago when the special assessment was implemented, it resulted in the removal of parking meters from downtown. This resulted in local businesses having to pick up the majority of the bill for parking lot maintenance and snow removal. And after a tough couple of years economically, local business owners and city council members are calling for the change. Cadillacparking3

Monday’s meeting comes after members couldn’t come to an agreement previously. Although this time city council members were all on the same page waiving the special assessment for businesses this year. They will revisit the issue later, but say residents won’t have to worry about parking meters for now.

“We have to have something in place and I don’t know what that is, but others have to share that costs. So, I feel really strongly as all of you do about not renewing it at this time and then going back and starting discussion about what does it look like,” Mayor Carla Filkins admits.