Stunned Drivers Receive Turkey Instead of Tickets from Emmet County Sheriff’s Office

Emmetturkeynottickets1Drivers in Emmet County getting pulled over Friday were in for a surprise as instead of a ticket they were given a voucher for turkey instead.

This is the fourth year the Emmet County Sheriff’s Office has put on their Turkeys Not Tickets giveaway. Sheriff Pete Wallin says he got the idea from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office five years ago. He says it helps build relationships in the community.

“I saw years ago that they were handing out hams this time of the year. I thought that’s a pretty good idea, I’d like to do that too,” Sheriff Wallin explains. “It’s our way of giving back to the community. And hopefully, we make someone’s holiday a little brighter.”

The Sheriff’s Office is giving out 40 turkey vouchers that can be redeemed at D&W Fresh Market near Petoskey. They along with an anonymous donor provided the turkeys.

Deputy Brittany Francis has been with the Emmet County Sheriffs Office for five years. She says she’s had some interesting stops in the past while handing out vouchers. Emmetturkeynottickets2

“Last year when we did it the one person that I pulled over I had just dealt with him on an accident. I ended up giving him a ticket a couple months prior to that. So, he wasn’t to happy to see me at first, but definitely ended on a better note than the time before that,” Deputy Francis recalls.

She says the giveaway is a nice change of pace.

“People tend to as soon as they see those lights light up behind them think the worst. So being able to walk up and just to be able to turn their day Emmetturkeynottickets3around for them that’s very nice,” Deputy Francis says.

Drivers pulled over fully suspecting to get a ticket were stunned when they got a voucher for a turkey instead.

“I was expecting a ticket, because I did hammer the gas to get back for closing and now I have a turkey and quite a story,” one driver laughed.

Another driver says although they may not want to go through the experience again. He says he appreciates the kind gesture from his local sheriff’s office.

“Thank you. Not what I expected, I expected a ticket,” he says.