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Inside the Kitchen at Lake Street Pub


“My favorite is ‘From Holland With Love,’” said Greta Jarema, a frequent customer at Lake Street Pub in Boyne City.

She says it’s a dish that keeps her coming back once a week.

“We’re going to put roasted almonds, parmesan cheese. and balsamic glaze,” said David Kuzmik, a cook.

He says it’s been one of their more popular appetizers at Lake Street Pub since they opened in 2018.

“They definitely like the crunch of the bacon, the almonds and then the sweetness of the glaze,” David said.

Working down the menu into some entrees…

“The Reuben is by far one of my favorite sandwiches here,” said general manager Tina Dejarlais.

She says what puts it over the edge is the corned beef that’s smoked in house.

“The corned beef is just juicy,” Tina said. “It has a real light, smoky flavor with the cheese that’s melted and the buttery crust is awesome.”

Whether it’s a hand held, or you’re holding a fork and knife, they say it’s all about the people.

“It’s it’s just a great family, fun atmosphere, even though you’re in a pub where, you know, it’s more to what Boyne City is, it’s family and you feel like family when you walk in the door and that’s why I really like being here,” said Greta.

You can find Lake Street Pub at 202 S. Lake Street, or call them at 231-497-6031.

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