Michigan Still Crucial for Trump Despite Midterm Losses

The third time’s a charm, or so former President Donald Trump hopes. Tuesday night he officially declared his candidacy for the White House again.

Just a week after the midterm elections, Trump kicked off the 2024 election cycle with the announcement. After a rough midterm that saw his influence damaged, the former president is looking to reestablish his place at the top of the party.Trump Announces Pkg 11 16 2200 01 58 16still001

“No matter what has happened so far, there is still a line of people who support Donald Trump and they are not going anywhere,” said John Sellek, Republican strategist and founder of Harbor Strategic

He’s the de facto frontrunner now and still may be all the way to the end.

“He has a bruised and damaged brand at this point,” said Sellek, “He had to jump in early to try to see if he could fix this. If he can keep a hold of what he’s been doing.”

That came after a midterm that saw his endorsed candidates get trounced, specifically in Michigan. A state that played a key role in getting him elected in 2016 but has since gone blue.

“Michigan is a swing state, no matter what we saw in the polls on Tuesday,” said Sellek, “It’s going to be fought over until it’s proven, in multiple elections in a row, that it can’t be fought over.”

“Former President Trump activates voters on both sides,” said Adrian Hemond, democratic strategist and founder of Grassroots Midwest, “He activates Republican base voters and inconsistent base voters, and he also activates Democrats.”

At a time when the Make America Great Again movement seemed to be stalling, this announcement is a jump start.

“It’s a pretty good chance that Donald Trump will be the nominee again,” said Hemond, “He already has a base of support. He’s the most popular politician in America with the Republican base right now.”

It will impact the Dem ticket as well. President Joe Biden may feel pressure to run again, as he may think he’s the only one that can beat Trump again.

“Whether you like it or not, it looks like we could very well end up with a rematch between these two old men,” said Hemond, “I think that’s part of Governor Whitmer saying ‘no’ to even considering running for President. It does not help the top of the ticket if there’s that speculation continuing.”

That’s another impact on Michigan, Trump may influence Biden’s decision which may dictate Governor Whitmer’s future. If she makes the jump, is it for 2024 or 2028?

“She went out of her way today, and specifically sat down with targeted interviews, and said ‘Hey look, I’m not running,’” said Sellek, “She’s trying to get control of her own destiny instead of having it swept away by the folks in D.C., or somewhere else that are hoping for something else.”

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